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Kaburex is your car care and preparation specialist.

We are pleased that you visit our website. Kaburex offers you traditional and professional preparation by hand. Our range of services for you includes the complete car care program. Professional, thorough preparation, inside and outside, and everything that serves to preserve the value of your vehicle. Kaburex is a specialized service provider in the field of paint preparation. Thanks to our unique and gentle manual work, no holograms or streaks appear on the paint. Our sealant is a high-performance paint protection with nanotechnology, it protects all surfaces with long-term protection. We offer a special, complete paint and interior preparation with over 30 work steps, in the premium segment with over 20 years of experience. We still work with heart and attention to detail and this usually takes between 9 and 16 working hours to put a smile on your face when it comes to quality. As is well known, there are plenty of times to vacuum and wash in the area and at the tank. The prices always depend on the condition and degree of pollution of the vehicle. Because a blanket offer usually only ever delivers a very blanket result! Just come by and let us convince you of our work with a brilliant impression. This is the only way for us to offer you a corresponding service at fair conditions and to inspire you in the long term.

Professional vehicle preparation always has its price.

Every day we are asked on the phone or by email what costs to reprocess the vehicle. Unfortunately, we can hardly assess the condition of your vehicle on the phone. Therefore, it makes sense to get to know you and your vehicle personally in order to create an individual offer for you.
Please understand that it is really impossible to make an offer by phone or email, because each vehicle has its own character.

Price offer on request on site.


Nano sealing:

Our nano sealing with hard wax is a high-performance paint protection for all plain and metallic paints. High-tech nano-components and high-performance polymers effectively protect the paint surface from scratches on car wash brushes and offer optimal long-term protection against road salt, acid rain, insects, tree resin and many other seasonal environmental influences. Increases the shine and refreshes the color.

New at Kaburex: motorcycle reprocessing

Now also for motorcycles!

Just like cars, motorcycles need regular maintenance. Professional preparation always pays off for motorcycles, and the value of the motorcycle is increased in any case. A motorcycle preparation before the sale is always a worthwhile investment, but it can also be done as maintenance and value retention in between.

Motorcycle preparation means a lot of work in detail.

The motorcycle preparation is a very time-consuming manual work, provided that it is carried out conscientiously and professionally. Although the areas are much smaller than in a car, the areas are much more inaccessible than in a car. In addition, there is often chrome on many motorcycles, which requires very special intensive care, especially if nothing has been done for a long time. When it comes to motorcycle preparation, the work is in the detail when it comes to working on the often very small areas, so that a nice overall picture results.

How expensive is a motorcycle reprocessing?

Just like with vehicle preparation, we cannot give prices without having seen the motorcycle beforehand. But assume that a motorcycle preparation usually takes just as much time as a very good vehicle preparation, of course always dependent on the condition of the motorcycle. If there are many small spokes on the rims, good motorcycle preparation sometimes takes even longer than professional vehicle preparation.

Motorcycles with a lot of chrome need particularly good care.

All motorcycles on which a lot of chrome is installed require a lot of intensive care. Because the chrome is relatively susceptible and should in any case only be treated with mild care products. If the chrome on a motorcycle is getting old, this means a lot of work to be able to conjure up great results.

Your best piece is in the best hands with us.

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Karl Burkert “Kaburex”

Who is actually this “Kaburex”, some will ask. I earn my daily living by preparing vehicles. My job is my calling, I love the cleanliness and the shine of the colors in the sun. It is pure manual work that you can really feel in the evening. In May 1996 I started my own business with an honest feeling. From Pullenreuth in 1997 the new building in Waldershof to this day, still growing. Those years of experience in the constantly changing automotive industry can unfortunately also be seen in the quality of the lacquer surfaces from back then, they are suffering today and I think the trend is only towards the coloring of “rolled sheet metal” (my opinion) because of the profit optimization. Fortunately, there are wonderful cleaning and care products available today. It used to be easy to wash and care for your car at home, but times are changing, for the sake of the environment that has been discontinued. The car washes, took over as much as possible. The new approved paints in the now have a hard time with this “bathing process”. They suffer and get streaks, they are “ground down” on the edges, even the headlights and taillights literally dull. Bird droppings, resins, salt, rain and even the sun gnaws at the paint. That is why it is more important than ever to protect all surfaces. It is not enough just to remove the winter dirt and rust with a machine polish and the car shines like new. I am still firmly convinced that a polishing machine removes too much paint. Scratches are sanded out to achieve a smooth surface, but you can’t get a handle on all the holograms that arise and cannot be prevented. There is actually no reason against it, everything speaks in favor of processing the surfaces with the proven and absolutely gentle hand polish, “refurbishing” the existing paint, not removing it and then sealing it with a special long-term protection. We would be happy to make you an offer for your vehicle. Unfortunately, that is not possible via email or phone. Just come along and we will offer you an individual offer for your vehicle. Thanks a lot.