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Easyhelp, in the truest sense of the word, inconspicuous but full of power, as long as you put that into practice in togetherness. It would be so easy in the here and now on our very vulnerable and injured Mother Earth, who is so trampled underfoot as if we had a second one in reserve. We are the slaves of our actions, also the creators, without even noticing what is happening around us and with us for a long time, what goal this hectic life on earth may bring with it, nobody dares to foresee, in the now. We have lost our way, we have long ago since passed the point of no return, but it is easier said than done to finally make it better, even to recognize this failed arrogant way honestly, consciously, to think, to turn back and to learn from all the mistakes we have made and to begin to respect and respect all life in human togetherness, abstinence and above all modesty on earth, and finally to accept all this from the bottom of our hearts forever. Pure in a restful deceleration to again recognize the true value of being. Now fully concentrating on the actual and true heart desire in me, showing to open “easyhelp” completely, to dedicate, to let all my strength and love merge into it, to bear fruit to help all the needy, forgotten, anxious and hungry victims in togetherness, simply. Karl

Online launch: February 9, 2020   Update:  June 28, 2020

The Conditioner

Kaburex offers you traditional and professional preparation by hand. Our range of services for you includes the complete car care program. Who is actually this “Kaburex”, some questions will arise. I earn my daily bread by reconditioning vehicles. My job is my vocation, I love the cleanliness and the shine of the colours in the sun. It is pure handwork. In May 1996 I went into self-employment with an honest good feeling. From Pullenreuth from 1997 the new building until today in Waldershof.

On the road

The driving force of “easyhelp” is to transform the suffering of our forgotten fellow human beings into joy and respect for their endless hope, trust, that now the help and salvation from us begins and the goal of “easyhelp” is to help as many people as possible to live a life worth living on earth. My reward is the certainty to dare something and to fight for it to go this very difficult way with strength and the voice of the heart and to believe firmly in it. Because hope dies last and thanks to us also no longer our needy ones because of poverty and need.

To the Kaburex

Whether birthdays, honors, cyclists, bikers or just being together with good friends. With us you can celebrate small celebrations in peace and quiet and in beautiful surroundings, just let your soul dangle. For the physical well-being we provide, depending on the size of the event. We offer several locations, from a cosy bistro/café, snack or nice summer evenings in the garden, to individual events. Just come and visit us. Our heart’s desire to conjure you an unforgettable stay with us.